Interior Car Lighting

  • $35.59

Miniatronics HO scale Interior Car Lighting\r\n\r\nThe 100-ICL-01 is a unique product, designed to give the modeler the most realistic look for your passenger and sleeper cars.\r\n\r\nThe 100-ICL-01 has 7 LED?åS equally spaced on a PC board. Depending on the length of your car, you have the ability to break away those LED?åS that are too long for your particular car. Break away at the notch closest to the length you require. The removal of those extra LED?åS will not affect the output of the remaining LED?åS. The best thing is the entire board only draws a total of 42mA. This gives you the ability to light 6 additional cars with a draw of no more than 300mA total. There are some lighting units that draw as much as 250mA per car.\r\n\r\nThe 100-ICL-01 is supplied with a SUPER CAP. This capacitor has the ability to maintain the board in a lighted mode even after the train pulls into the station, and the power is turned off. This effect can last up to 4 minutes, depending on how long the train was operating and the charge the cap received.\r\n\r\nTo enable you to start installation immediately we are including a set of our Phosphor Bronze Electrical Track Pick-up: as well as the instructions for this Axel/Wheel Pick Up. Also, included is double sided foam tape. We suggest placing a piece in between each LED for a sturdy installation.\r\n\r\nMiniatronics believes we have produced an interior car lighting unit with a most realistic effect. Since the final look is in the eyes of the modeler, we have also included 3 value resistors in the event, the user wants to lower the output of the LEDs 1,000 ohm, 3.9K ohms, 4.7K ohms the choice is yours. Attach the resistor to either leg of the power wires of the ICL before attaching to power source.\r\n\r\nThe 100-ICL-01 is a voltage regulated and rectified unit which gives you the ability to run the unit on either AC or DC. The AC side is 14V so as to run on DCC, the DC side is 6V and will start to light at 4-5 volts for those operating DC layouts.\r\n\r\nEnjoy.\r\n