Plug-In Wall Transformers


A transformer is the unit that reduces house voltage (110 VAC) to the low voltage required for most train accessories. Using the wrong transformer can cause an incandescent bulb to blow or damage an electronic circuit. To be safe, add the mill amperes (mA) for each accessory you will be running on one transformer. The calculation will tell if you are close to the proper current rating of the transformer. For most transformers allow a plus or minus of 5-10 percent of the current rating. For transformers that are rated in amperes (Amps), the calculation is 1,000 mA equals 1 Amp. We make choosing the right transformer easy. Guide for Transformer Selection for Lighting Effects: For one to four units use the WT412, where you see the letter A, B. When you will be using multiple units…ie. more than 4 units use the WT12, for units shown with the letter B. Transformer Recommended:Transformer Recommended:A. WT412 12VDC @ 400 mA Can be used for 1-4 units Use for Product Number:100-NL1-01 A100-NL2-01 A100-NL3-01 A100-LHB-01 A


B. WT12 Regulated 12 VDC @ 1 Amp. When you are using large multiples of Lighting Effects. 100-WS6-01 A, B100-101-01 A, B100-201-01 A, B100-N01-01 A, B100-N02-01 A, B100-C24-01 A, B Any of the Strobe Lights A, B