L.E.D.’s are a unique electronic product and have an extremely long use life. L.E.D.’s can offer the user a great variety of applications and require low DC voltage and low current. They are available in various sizes and colors. A 3 Volt power source is recommended for our Micro Mini L.E.D.’s and Standard L.E.D.’s. A 470 ohm resistor is supplied with each L.E.D. to limit the voltage flow to the L.E.D. This resistor gives you the ability to hook up to as much as a 15 volt DC power source. Our L.E.D.’s offer a bright diffused light source. The 1.5mm diameter axial L.E.D. has proven to be one of our most popular products, not just among N and HO scale model railroaders, but also for boat and plane enthusiasts.