About Us

Dear Hobby Enthusiast:

Along with the standard electronics, we have recently added many more exciting lighting effects. The best part of these effects is the ease of installation, usually only a few wires to hook up. With our products, it's easy to create different life like-effects on your dioramas.

We often start with one idea and watch it grow from your requests. A perfect example is the strobe light. A simple strobe light was introduced, then a dual, then an alternating strobe. That was not enough! Some of you wanted to control the strobe rate for particular scenes. Our engineers found a way to do that for you. And, the requests keep coming. Look through the web site to find all the different strobe effects and many other lighting effects that will give you hours of enjoyment.

Our products are found in authorized hobby stores. To find a store near you click on the dealer's button located below. If you cannot find a local store that carries the Miniatronics product line, please order direct by calling 800-942-9439 or using our secure shopping cart.

Through the years we have been highlighting the winners for our Mini Tips & Hints section. The ideas and methods used by these winners are presented on our web site. These winners have shown unique ways of kitbashing. E-mail us if you have a unique way of using our products and would like to submit an entry for consideration to our Mini Tips & Hints section. If your entry is presented we will give you a $25.00 gift certificate to be used towards the purchase of any Miniatronics product.

We hope you take pleasure from our products as much as we enjoy the letters of appreciation we have received.


Mort Silverman