Interior Building Light

  • $48.15

A unique way to light 1-7 buildings or floors using our Yeloglo LED technology. The Interior Building Light kit gives you a choice to light from one, up to seven buildings or floors depending on your diorama. \r\nThe Interior Building Lights unit can be modified so you can easily break off 1-6 of the LED?ås. Each section is capable of functioning on its own. There are soldering pads showing positive and negative positions. Solder a length of the yellow and white 30 gauge wire included in the kit to each side. Included in the kit is double sided tape for easy mounting of the LED board. \r\nThe 100-IBL-01 is a voltage regulated and rectified unit, which gives you the ability to run the unit on either AC or DC. The AC side is 14V so as to run on DCC, the DC side is 6V and will start to light at 4-5 volts for those operating DC layouts. If you do not want to run off track power, simply attach the red and black wires on the power board to a 6-12 volt DC transformer. \r\n\r\nThe unit is supplied with a SUPER CAP. When power is turned off the capacitor, depending on how long it has received a charge, has the ability to maintain the LED?ås in a lighted mode up to 4 minutes.\r\n