Electrical Track Pickup

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HO Scale ?? Phosphor Bronze \r\nElectrical Track Pickup\r\nTwo sets {4 pcs.}\r\nThe change to plastic side frames trucks has been good for smooth running, but bad when it comes to electrical pick up. There are pickup shoes that can be connected to the metal trucks. With the plastic trucks there is no place to solder, and using a screw does not work either. The solution is to use wheel sets with metal axles and a pickup wire that rubs on the axle. This solution is inexpensive and easy to install. \r\n\r\nFirst there needs to be wheel sets with metal, not plastic axles. The wheel sets should also have one of the wheels electrically connected to the axle. Some wheel sets insulate both wheels and this will not work! It is easy to replace wheel sets in plastic frame trucks as they can be slightly bent out to release the old wheel set and then drop in a replacement with the new wheel sets. When you do replace the wheels, be sure the uninsulated wheels are all on the same side of truck. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n