Capacitive Discharge     [ 1 unit ]

Capacitive Discharge [ 1 unit ]

  • $47.79

The Miniatronics Super-Zapper Capacitive Discharge Unit puts electronics to effective use. This fully assembled unit operates one to ten switch machines simultaneously, without the need for heavy transformers (the 16 VAC terminals from any power pack are used.) The safety electronics renders it impossible to burn out switch machine motors. It is ready for re-operation within a fraction of a second after use.Only heavy duty professional components have been used. This Super-Zapper is easy to connect. Heavy duty screw terminals means only a screwdriver needed to integrate with your old wiring. No soldering! The L.E.D. indicates power ready. Input terminals are marked in red. Unit handles up to10 Switch Machines. Please note this unit is not compatible with the Atlas Switching machines.