Brass Tower - HO    [ 1 unit ]

Brass Tower - HO [ 1 unit ]

  • $21.50

Drive down any highway and you see towers with different types of warning systems on them. Towers stand out from the rest of the landscape; some towers have strobe lights. Others have strobe lights on top and red warning lights in the center of the tower. Another warning system on towers is a light that automatically dims and brightens, within a prescribed sequence. Additional use is as communication, transmission, or high voltage towers. The towers are easy to install. This unit is especially good to use with the Miniatronics Two Directional Red Warning Light or any of the strobe effects. The bulbs can be positioned at the top of the tower using silicone glue or rubber glue. The attached wires can be pulled through any of the towers. Connect the wires to a power source and watch the special effect.