Adj. 8 Position Strobe Yellow    [ 1 unit ]

Adj. 8 Position Strobe Yellow [ 1 unit ]

  • $47.75

Rapid sequencing of our famous incandescent lamps creates a very bright pulsing strobe effect. Depending on your use of this strobe board the speed rate can be adjusted from a slow strobing to a very fast strobing sequence. Choose from the four different light configurations. These can be used as a sweep of lights on emergency vehicles, road barricade lights or as a string of lights for an amusement park. The white eight position strobe lights can also be used for end of runway airport-landing lights. The red and yellow lights can be used as emergency backlights of an ambulance, or any emergency vehicle. These units are good for HO, N, and O scale and operate on 9-15 VAC or VDC.