Old Fashioned Green & White Lamp Shades HO scale [3 units]

  • $18.90

Remember old bookkeepers lights or billiard shades,\r\nthen picture our Old Fashioned Green & White Lamp Shades \r\nHO scale - 1.5 Volt 40mA 1,000 hour average life.\r\nResistors included to use up to 12 Volts\r\n3 sets/$10.95\r\n\r\nBest description of this light is a billiard table with a\r\nfixture hanging over the table. That fixture is usually a\r\ngreen shade with a white interior. That is exactly what \r\nMiniatronics has created for the hobbyist.\r\n\r\nUse this fixture for indoors or outdoors as an exterior \r\nlight for a building, warehouses or train stations.